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Activities at St David's

Setting your own agenda

Rest and relaxation or activity and stimulation... at St David's, how you spend your time is your choice entirely. At St David's, we have a member of staff who is fully dedicated to running a comprehensive program of activities every single day. What's more, the agenda is built from the requests and suggestions of our residents, their families and friends. All are provided with an up-to-date agenda each week, and the same principle applies to all activities: everyone is welcome.

This 'collaborative' approach to activity planning enables us to be completely in touch with our resident's personal preferences - whatever these may be. For our wildlife lovers, we have regular flower-seed planting, flower pressing and nature walks, while our book lovers can attend book groups and reading circles. And there is always the option to indulge in a spot of health or wellbeing, such as an appointment with our regular hairdresser, or relax and let one of the team give you a manicure.  Reflexologist, aromatherapy, and physiotherapy can also be arranged.  Activities are not limited to St David's, however: we also run frequent shopping excursions, theatre trips, and even get to the seaside!

You are never at risk of having nothing to do at St David's - unless, of course, you choose to take a well-earned break!